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The ease of use reduces downtime when inspecting your roll stands and provides clear, easy-to-read results.

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Nip impression paper

In the paper industry and many other industries, working with press rolls is one of the everyday business processes. Of course, the permanent load does not pass the machines without a trace. Therefore, the rollers must be regularly checked to see if they still fit perfectly to each other and evenly distribute the pressure across the entire width.

For this purpose, we manufacture our nip impression paper, with which you can obtain an exact picture of your pressing rollers, because they directly indicate errors on the individual rollers as well as on the entire press system. Thus, they are a practical tool for nip analysis on calenders, foulards or squeezing for dewatering.

Quality "Made in Germany!"

KD II GmbH & Co. KG is one of the few manufacturers of nip impression paper for roll analysis worldwide. We have more than 30 years of experience and know-how in this segment, serving hundreds of national and international clients. Our unique product is primarily aimed at industrial sectors where paper and foil machines are used.

Characteristics and handling of our nip impression paper

Compared to other roll inspection products, our nip impression paper has a number of advantages that greatly simplify work and handling, helping to save time, effort and costs in your business. The nip impression paper consist of two layers of paper webs. Under pressure, they trigger a visible chemical reaction so that the roll stand can be optimally determined without problems.

For this purpose, the nip impression paper is inserted into the pinch joint of the stationary machine and the rollers are pressurized for a short period of time - by increasing the pin pressure or the internal pressure in deflection systems. After a rotation of the roller by 90 °, a second impression takes place. The chemical reaction forms a colored strip on the paper, from which the uniformity of the squeeze joint can be read or determined.

Evaluation of results

Schematic representation of the operation of nip impression paper
Schematic representation of the operation of nip impression paper

If the roller system is functioning properly, the test strip will have a uniform width after the test, ie moisture pick-up and spill / liquor application will also be uniform. If, on the other hand, the strip has different widths, the squeezing effect does not take place uniformly and produces edge courses on the rolled product.

If a broad impression appears on the strip, the pressure is too high. A narrow impression shows too low a pressure. The irregularities can then be eliminated either by regulating the pin pressure or - in deflection-controlled systems - by adjusting the roll internal pressure. If it is bombed rollers, they may need to be reground.

Unique product. Simple application. Great benefits.

If you decide to order our unique product and its ease of use, we will be happy to make you a non-binding quote for your needs.

The advantages at a glance

In addition to the properties mentioned above, our nip impression paper also has a number of other advantages:

No unintentional tearing

The test strips have neither a transverse perforation nor a Leporello-fold, so that the risk of unplanned rupture is almost impossible.

For all roller lengths

The roll length of the roller test strips is 50 meters. This allows a measurement on machines with different roller lengths.

Easy to use

Length markings at a distance of 50 cm each ensure uncomplicated handling in practice.

Suitable for hot and cold rolling

Due to the temperature-insensitive coating of the material, both hot and cold rolls can be tested without the result being falsified.

Years of experience

Our test strips for roller diagnosis have proven themselves in use for many years. But we do not stop there, but constantly develop our product.

Universally applicable

Due to the specific properties of the material, the test strips can also be used reliably in wet areas.

Over time, we have optimized the test strips so that they can be used for almost all types of rollers.

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Quality product from German production
Over 30 years experience
Roll in 50 m length, 16 cm width
Length markings every 50 cm
For all roller lengths and almost all roller types
Suitable for hot and cold rolling
Universally applicable, even in wet areas

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